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Uppity Pup

Meals & Other Stuff

In order to minimize unnecessary stress to your pet, we urge you to bring food, blankets, toys and other items of comfort to your dog.

Does your dog have a favorite toy?  Or a special blankie that he or she likes to sleep on?  We encourage you to bring these items to help your pet adjust and feel more "at home."
If your dog is crate trained and feels safe and secure sleeping in his or her crate, we will be happy to place it in their kennel.
*You do not need to bring their bowls as a clean, steel bowl is provided at each meal.  We ask that no glass items be included in your dog's property.

Many dogs experience intestinal discomfort if their food is changed suddenly.  For this reason, we encourage you to bring your pet's own food, packaged as shown here.

Food Preparation


Label ziplock baggies with your dog's name, using a Sharpie or other permanent marker that shows up well.


 If there is any difference between morning meal and evening meal (portion amount, *medication or supplements added), then add an AM or PM to the baggie.


Fill the baggie with the normal amount of food for your dog's meal, add any *medications or supplements, and seal the baggie.

It is a good idea to add an extra meal or 2, just in case you aren't able to pick up your pet when you plan to. 

*Unless you are confident that your dog will ingest all of his or her medications when eating, it is best to keep them in their original container and provide them to us, along with instructions, so we may be sure that none are missed.

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